This custom pendant is made in 14k white gold and features a 7.62 carat oval aquamarine plus .363 carats total weight of diamonds.

This ring is made in 18k rose gold and features a 1.03 carat round aquamarine plus .26 carats total weight of fully cut diamonds.

This ring is made in 18k white gold and features a 3.05 carat square aquamarine plus 1.65 carats total weight of fully cut halo and side diamonds.

The birthstone for March is the beautiful aquamarine, whose name comes from the Latin word for seawater – aqua, “water,” plus marina, “of the sea.” The name is fitting for this blue to slightly blue-green gem of high clarity and transparency, which calls to mind cool ocean waters. Aquamarine is also the preferred gift to give on the 16th and the 19th wedding anniversary. 

Legend has it that the gem had the power to calm waves and protect sailors at sea, and it was even believed to be the treasure of mermaids. It also symbolized eternal youth and happiness, and its cool hue is said to calm the temper. Some cultures viewed the gem as a symbol of unity and love, and would give aquamarine jewelry as gifts to the bride at a wedding. Aquamarine is in the Beryl family and is considered to be a sister gem to the rich green emerald. It is said to grant the wearer protection in battle, improved intellect, and amiability. Aquamarine was worn by the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hebrews to bring victory in battle. More recently, aquamarine has been used as a symbol in Tarot and is believed to aid in mental health by cultivating inner tranquility and aligning the spiritual and physical. We have a lovely selection of finely crafted aquamarine jewelry, perfect gifts for those with March birthdays and anyone who loves the calming blue hues of the sea. Located at 611 W. Dickson Street in Fayetteville. Open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm.